Virtual Dressing Room Could Be The Heights Of Innovation When It Comes To Product Visualisation

Imagine standing in front of your personal computer and trying on your favorite dress? Doesn’t it look like the hottest way to choose dresses online? Yes, this is the power of architectural visualisation. How does this work?


The image recognition algorithms by geeks make it possible. Once the application detects you, it allows you to choose a dress displayed on the website by standing in front of your computer. No special printed markers to make you uncomfortable. The predecessors had red lights pointing at the customer when they stood in front of the PC. This made many uncomfortable and scared. Customers feel better to simply wave a hand and select, rate or even pick their favorites. Incorporating social media into this helps share images immediately with friends and family over Facebook or Gmail. This could be your best shopping experience so far online.

This is technology for you at the best-integrated level with privacy and security assured.